Jorge Castro aka Fisternni

Multimedia Artist based in Córdoba, Argentina

The Works of Jorge Castro is an immersive experience that uses Video and Sound to transport us to other worlds and explore our relationship with nature, technology and time. He has been working for many years as one of the pioneers of real-time art and technology in South America since the 90s.

These projects are made up of a series of techniques that show situations of different landscapes, such as mountains, forests and cities or minimal portraits taken to abstraction. The artist's actions are synchronized with Technics, creating a sensation of movement, beats and fluidity that allows him to work from the installation to a music productions through his environment.

La Cupula Galeria / Medialab becomes rich and motivating. The viewer can tour the installations and view the videos from different angles and planes. This allows you to experience landscapes in a new and unexpected way. Hes installation is an example of the potential of video and audio to create unique and innovative artistic personality.

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Proyect Links and Productions

Santo Noise

Festival de Electronica Experimental

Sudamerica Electronica

Record Label - Curator

Universidad Provincial Córdoba

Full Time Multimedia

La Cupula

Director - Gallery / Medialab