Humberto Primo / Clip SciFi Lullaby

Video Animation Warp / Pueblo Nuevo Label part of the album “SciFi Lullaby”. Album released by Pueblo Nuevo in November 2015.

1/13/20222 min read

“SciFi Lullaby” was created in the summer of 2015 by Ramiro Larrain, Bruno de Vincenti and Jorge Castro, three Argentine artists who share electronic music scenes and aesthetic visions of Latin American sound art.

This project was born from many nights of playing together and sharing opinions about electronic music. Your anchor. His performance. His development of melodies and rhythms are so complex but natural at the same time. These micro landscapes develop over a long time, we could spend hours playing together. The curious thing about this group is that they make music that really comes out to them and they like... after many years of playing, of projects, of tours, of professionalism, in music we have managed to synthesize something that is simply what happens when we get together . Passion, friendship and many years make this project come out homogeneous. I remember that at our first show after four days of rain there was an eclipse and then we were able to play. That was like a great openness to starting a project and recognizing it.

“SciFi Lullaby” is a global project. We live in different cities and sometimes we spend winter months without meeting, however, we continue to be in contact with each other, listening to our music, sending material from one studio to another and permanently working on a collective creation project that has to do with micro states. of electronic music. Working with different equipment, modular synthesizers, analog gadgets and digital equipment. Depending a lot on what we do, we can have the flexibility to use different types of equipment. From an acoustic session to a digital or analog session, our approach to music is to try to generate those granular ideas that sometimes escape your hands, but can enter your ears.

“SciFi Lullaby” confirms that music can also come not only from planet Earth but from the stars and that confirms the theory of Deleuze and Guatari who had already pointed out in “A Thousand Plateaus” that the production of electronic art is not the exclusive heritage of the men and now we could also point out that it is not exclusive to Planet Earth either. There is no longer anthropomorphism in art, but neither is geomorphism but cosmomorphism.

To the Copernican turn, evolutionism, psychoanalysis, could be added to technology. The sensory space opening that was caused from the conquest of Sputnik one, to the discoveries of the musical planets of Voyager or the sound of an insect, make “SciFi Lullaby” a lullaby of the 21st century.